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Developers! You can download our SDK (Software Development Kit) right here and gain easy access to over 150 countries as well as their popular/unique payment gateways around the globe!

Release Date: 16th Aug , 2014

AKPAY Documents

Download our documents below:


Here's our demo, download if you need further help or wish to experience AKPAY in advance.

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Some classic errors and solutions as below:

Q: After integration of SDK, compile error shows.

REASON: The version of android-support-v4.jar in SDK project is different from the one in APP project, which cause the confliction.

SOLUTION: Replace android-support-v4.jar in SDK project by the one in APP project.

Q: When calling payment api, payment channels can not be shown or an error PRE_PLACE_ORDER_FAILED occurred.

REASON: Usually it is caused by incorrect parameter

  • a) Country code and currency not match
  • b) app_key and app_secret not match
  • c) Price is less than 0.01 USD
  • d) Invalid value passed in Activity
  • e) Games which have account system with no cpUserId passed

SOLUTION: Get the log, check whether correct parameter is passed in payment api.

Q: How to get device country code?

Sample codes:

      public static String getCountryIso(Context context) {
          TelephonyManager tm = (TelephonyManager) context.getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);
          String iso = "";
          if (tm != null) {
              iso = tm.getSimCountryIso();
          if (iso.equals("")) {
          return iso.trim();

Note: country code get from device may be capitalized.

Q: How to test payment?

We do not provide test account for developers. You may use such as PayPal or visa/master. The payment amount can be as low as 0.5 USD or other currencies equals with 0.5 USD. If any channel has passed test, then it means all channels are OK since they all have the same payment process.